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Our goal is to share God’s Word with a world that needs it badly. We have prayed and worked very hard to come up with a unique way of helping our brethren spread the gospel’s Truth all over the world, beginning in their very own area. In order to accomplish this we knew there were two very important requirements; the most important one was that the Bible Study we purposed must be scripturally sound and the other was that our method of providing our program to you must be technically simple. With God’s help we have been able to accomplish this.

If you presently have a website for your congregation, this study can be linked to that website.

If you do not currently have your own website, but are interested in having one which will include 1) Some basic congregational information and 2) this very sound Bible Study, the following two things are necessary:

1) You will need a website host. If you are unfamiliar with computers, you perhaps know someone knowledgeable about the subject. It would be beneficial, but certainly not necessary to use a local host. Charges are nominal. If you need help setting up your website and/or website host, please feel free to contact: Free Home Bible Study, P O Box 17183, Sugar Land, TX 77496

2) Once you have a web site, and have filled out the Congregation Sign Up Form and submitted it to us, we will email you the download information.


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