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Free Home Bible Study was conceived out of a desire to reach individuals with God’s message to mankind. Many do not take advantage of the privilege of reading the Bible for themselves, but depend on others to tell them of its contents. As Christians, we are commanded to “go into all the world and teach every creature.” FHBS, is one way we can follow Jesus’ command. Each person has a choice to make --- to either accept or reject the teachings of Christ. There is no middle ground. It is our hope and prayer that as you progress through these lessons and verify what is said by looking in your Bible, that you will see the necessity of obeying His Word----if you are to be pleasing to God.

Each lesson features a set of questions that are answered by a simple “click” of your mouse. If you happen to click on the wrong answer, you will be given the correct answer along with the supporting scripture. You will even have the opportunity to submit questions about the lesson to us, and we will answer from the Bible.


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